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Be like Mike (second part)

by Editor mdc

Mkke Jordan´s Work etich can enrich your spiritual life.

NFL great Ahmad Rashad has described Phil Jackson as a master motivator, and many attribute Jackson with bringing out the best in Michael Jordan, which is probably why Michael refused to play for any other coach. We often need to hear from a skilled spiritual trainer who will tell us what we should be working on and giving us a concrete plan on how to deepen our spiritual lives. Michael realized that he needed to put on more muscle if he was going to get past the “Bad Boys” of Detroit. So, in addition to exhausting practices, he took up an intense strength and conditioning program under Tim Grover. His closest buddies on the team, Scottie Pippen and Ron Harper, joined him, making the Bulls an unstoppable force. He also accepted the uncomfortable truths about his deficiencies from many coaches, especially from Winter. 

Most of us try to go at the spiritual life without a proper guide. But that’s probably why we never succeed. Early monastics learned that community headed by a spiritual master is necessary to holiness. So how can you apply this to your spiritual life? Do you have a good spiritual director, or are you going at it alone? Do you study the saints? Holiness depends on the grace of God through the Church. 

Be Smart

In the movie Braveheart the young William Wallace’s uncle teaches him that, if he wants to learn how to effectively use the sword against his enemies, he will have to learn how to not only move but think. Michael was naturally athletic, but he was also a smart player. As he aged, he had to rely on his knowledge of the game to win.

This should be your approach to the spiritual game. Effort and good intentions aren’t enough. You need to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t continue to do things that are not making you better, by which I mean holier. 

Total Confidence

In the 1990s, Michael Jordan was the essence of cool. If he was nervous, no one would know it. He had complete, near-perfect focus. His competitive nature could be overbearing and annoying—just watch his Hall of Fame speech. But he did share some wisdom there. He concluded his remarks with, “Limits, like fears, are often an illusion.” While we should know our limits, we shouldn’t let our fears stop us from excelling in the spiritual life. Place your trust in God that through his grace we can become the saints we’re called to be. 

Find What You’re Meant to Be and Stick With It

It’s good to dream and try new things, but it’s also wise to play to your strengths. Jordan was a gifted athlete, but his baseball career never took off. Leaving aside speculation behind as to why he left the NBA to try his hand with a ball and bat, the simple truth was, Michael was meant to play basketball. 

The lesson? We need to find what we’re good at and not allow ourselves to be swayed away from playing to our strengths for something else. Although Michael proposed that there are no limits to what we can become, the reality is that most of us are good at a few things, but really great at one or two. By not getting distracted by other paths, we will benefit our souls and everyone we meet. 

Michael Jordan is no saint—not by any means. However, his total commitment and love for the game can inspire us all to seek perfection in the spiritual life.

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Source: Word on Fire/ Author: Robert Mixa

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