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10 minutes with Jesus. Today: The Strenght to let ourselves be helped

by 10 Minutes with Jesus

10 minutes wih Jesus are group of Catholic priests who share friendship with Jesus, plus keenness to help young people of all ages to learn the art of loving Jesus and speaking to Him. You can find them in WhatsApp, Spotify, Ivoox, Telegram, Goggle Podcasts and Apple Podcast. Every saturday, we are going to share one meditation by 10 minutes with Jesus. Enjoy it.

My Lord and my God, I firmly believe that you are here, that you see me, that you hear me.  I adore you with profound reverence, I ask your pardon for my sins, and the grace to make this time or prayer fruitful. My Immaculate Mother, St. Joseph, my Father and Lord, my guardian angel intercede for me.

An inspiring book

The gospel is really an inspiring book, the most inspiring in whole history, because it’s the life of Jesus Christ, is your life my lord, coming to this world, and everything you said, everything you did is starchiness, is moving us to be better.  But I think it is also very inspiring, because of people around you, interacting with you in different ways, sometimes we see humility, many times we see the lack of mercy, and then you bring mercy to those people that are abandoned, and sometimes there are funny miracles, and today in the gospel we have a funny miracle, I think, because we see a woman, the gospel says that she was sick with a hemorrhage for twelve years, which is a lot, we have been in quarantine for four months, and it looks like an eternity of time, and anyway, this woman, twelve years, sick, and then she had a great idea, instead of talking to you my lord, she was trying to steal, so to speak, a miracle, she thought, if I only touch his garment, I shall be made well, I shall be cleaned and healed, just touching you my lord, such a beautiful prayer;  I want to repeat it right now Jesus, I want to just to get closer to you.  Every time I get closer to you something great happens, your grace is so powerful that, even just with a mere contact with you, I can be changed, thank you my lord for that.  But the other thing that I really like about this woman, is her humility, because many times Jesus, I want to be honest with you, when I feel nasty, when I feel unbearable, it is very difficult to pray, and it is an interior battle for me, sometimes, to come back to you when I don’t feel like doing it, because I think that you despise me, and this is a horrible temptation, you are a doctor.

An advertisement

The other day I was reading, an advertisement, in the city where I live, I was driving, and maybe because of this quarantine and the coronavirus, some hospitals are requiring for more doctors and nurses, and the advertisement said something like, “the joy of being needed” and it looked like it was an advertisement for nurses, and it is true, there is a real joy when we are needed, when we can give something to others, but it is very difficult to put ourselves on the other side of the coin, on the other side of the equation.  What about the joy of being helped? that is way more difficult than giving, and maybe this is precisely what our Lord is asking you to discover, the joy of being helped.  What about that? are you happy when you experience your limitations? are you happy when someone can show some mercy towards you? It requires a lot of humility, a lot of simplicity in our hearts.

There is this famous quote by Pope Francis saying that he understands the church, or he likes the church as a hospital in a battlefield, and you think about an ER doctor, always with hands dirty, with blood and hectic existence, but with the excitement of helping others, saving lives, and it’s awesome if you have this vocation of being a doctor, but maybe again, we can put ourselves on the other side, what about being a patient? what about appreciating love that is unexpected, that comes from the outside? what about receiving some help that we don’t like to receive, because we think that we are self-sufficient, or that we are mature enough, that’s a huge step towards our goal in holiness.  At the end of our lives, we will discover that is not that God has been helping us for a while, or here and there.  We will see you my lord sustaining us, all the way long, all the way towards heaven, from the very beginning of my existence, so maybe it is time to think about it, and to be very grateful.  There’s nothing humiliating in knowing that we are dependent 100% on Jesus Christ and on other people, we are dependent, we need them, and this is good because it makes us more humble, more understandable, more grateful.

Billon times

Mother Teresa of Calcutta he gave a lot, and gave her own life billion times just to serve the poorest of the poor, but if you read about her life, you will discover that there was an interior battle, parallel, to the other one that was external, and it is awesome to discover that the Saints had struggles right, and she said that from the very beginning of her vocation, especially when she started dedicating herself to the poor, she had or she experienced what it is called as the dark night of the soul, a moment of Darkness interiorly, a lack of a hope and faith so to speak, when our Lord asks you to make steps in the midst of this kind of an unknown.  And, she said that specifically what she felt was that Jesus was rejecting her, that she was kind of a nasty in the eyes of Jesus, this was the temptation that she experienced, of course this was not reality, but she experienced that, very very hardly for many years, in darkness, and then later meditating on that, and through the help given to her by the Holy Spirit, she understood that this was part of becoming a good Shepherd for her flock, in other words, she said that God was transforming her precisely to understand people that are dejected, that are abandoned, and then, because she interiorly was going through the same thing, through the same process, she was able to engage with those guys in the streets, and she understood perfectly what was going on in their hearts, so there was a lesson from the Holy Spirit, from Jesus Christ, from you my Lord, molding her, shaping her character, in order to be precisely a good instrument in your hands.

Jesus and the woman

So the gospel continues, and Jesus noticed that some grace came out of him, and he turned, and the woman very embarrassed, in front of everybody, a crowd was surrounding Jesus, the woman nailed down, and said “I’m sorry, I took advantage of you Jesus, I just I thought that just touching you would be okay,” and I can see our Lord with a huge smile, “I think that is so funny, you are so great,  go,  your faith has saved you, you are great, I am so happy to help you just with my presence, of course, I would rather like to have a dialogue with you, if we have time later, or whatever, because I am just a machine of, a miracle machine, but I am happy that you came with such a confidence from behind. I am impressed with your faith, do not be ashamed of your limitations, do not be ashamed of your shortcomings, I really like you, I am a doctor, I have joy in helping you, this is my mission, this is my food, to accomplish the will of my father, and my father wants you to be really happy, so put aside all those things that may be embarrassed you, and make you feel like, yeah like a loser, and understand that I really want to accompany you through this process of purification.”  Jesus help me, because sometimes it is difficult, in this society where we have mirrors all over the place, in a society where we grade ourselves in Instagram, and snapchat, and Facebook, where everything is about the feedback, it is so difficult to show myself in front of you as I am, or even in front of others, it is so difficult to accept mercy, and at the same time is what makes us human.  And also, as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, make us good instruments to understand other people’s limitations, so it’s a whole deal of knowledge and wisdom, in making these steps towards accepting myself as I am, NOT in a sense of -okay nothing happens- no, maybe I need to change, but it is through you, and with you, that I change, not by myself, not in front of myself, sometimes I have the temptation of judging myself to hardly, and then there is tension, and this is absurd because our Lord is not about tension.

San José María said

 San José María, the father of Opus Dei, said that if there is any tension in your thoughts, you can be sure that those thoughts do not come from God, they come either from Satan or from yourself.  I want to have peace, I brought you peace, says the lord, peace be with you; so my lord, help me, to be like this woman, funny in front of you with my defects, and humble enough to approach you, and then she was the real one that was touched by you, and she changed.  My mother blessed Virgin Mary, I am sure that you, after that encounter, maybe your son kept walking because he needed to go somewhere, but I am sure that you talk to her longer, and maybe you had lunch together, and you were laughing, remembering her fears, and then you encouraged her to be very confident in God the Father, and in Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Spirit, so my mother helped me to be touched by your son, as this funny woman in the gospel of today.

It´s the end

I thank you my God, for the good resolutions, affections and inspirations, that you have communicated to me in this meditation.  I ask for your help to put them into effect, my Immaculate Mother, Saint Joseph my father and Lord, my guardian angel intercede for me.

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