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We are all beloved disciples of Jesus given His Mother to be ours!

by Fr. Rick Martignetti

Hey Father Rick here at Ave Maria University

The second week of Advent is a big week, it starts off with John the Baptist calling us to repent, calling us to turn back to God to make our hearts ready for the coming of Jesus Christ and then we have a couple of Marian feast days, two beautiful feast days, one is the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary on December 8th, and we also have the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12, when she appeared to Saint Juan Diego in Mexico. Both these feast days encouraged us and this whole season of Advent reminds us to think of Mary a little bit more and, consider what place she has in our lives. do we have a spot for the Blessed Virgin Mary in our lives?.

You know on the cross, Jesus Christ in his last dying breath, he looked down and at the foot of the cross, the Blessed Virgin Mary and his beloved disciple, and he says woman behold your son, son behold Your Mother. He gives them one to the other at the foot of the cross.

Now what’s really interesting is when John is writing the Gospel, he doesn’t put his own name in it, even though the story is about him, he calls himself the Beloved Disciple and the scripture scholars will tell us that’s so that we can put ourselves in hat place if he said Jesus gave Mary to John and John to Mary it’d be a nice story but Jesus gave Mary to the Beloved Disciple and we are all beloved disciples of God, so it is our job to take Mary into our home as the Beloved Disciple does, and Pope Benedict reflects on that scripture passage and says the word home really doesn’t do it justice, the Beloved Disciple was called to take Mary into his inner being, into his innerself and that’s what’s happening at the foot of the cross. The Beloved Disciple becomes the child of Mary and takes her into his home as we should takes her into his inner life. makes her a part of everyday life and that’s the call for us, especially in Advent to think a little bit more about the Blessed Virgin Mary and to take her into our inner bein.

Make her an important part of everyday. may God give you his peace.

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