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Matthew 14,22-33

by Fr. Luis A. Zazano
Matthew 14 22-33

Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew 14,22-33

After he had fed the people, Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and precede him to the other side of the sea, while he dismissed the crowds.
After doing so, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray. When it was evening he was there alone.
Meanwhile the boat, already a few miles offshore, was being tossed about by the waves, for the wind was against it.
During the fourth watch of the night, he came toward them, walking on the sea.
When the disciples saw him walking on the sea they were terrified. “It is a ghost,” they said, and they cried out in fear.
At once (Jesus) spoke to them, “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.”
Peter said to him in reply, “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.”
He said, “Come.” Peter got out of the boat and began to walk on the water toward Jesus.
But when he saw how (strong) the wind was he became frightened; and, beginning to sink, he cried out, “Lord, save me!”
Immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and caught him, and said to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”
After they got into the boat, the wind died down.
Those who were in the boat did him homage, saying, “Truly, you are the Son of God.”

Calm down; it’s me, don’t be afraid

1) Alone. Jesus takes the apostles out of the chaos of the multitude. He bids them farewell and then takes time for Himself; He seeks solitude. But He doesn’t do so to isolate Himself but rather to find time to be with God. To find God, to hear God, you need silence and solitude. Slow down, make time by learning to say “no” , “not now”,and “that’s enough”. You need to talk to God about how your life is going. A short while in silence with God can save your day.

2) The boat. At that moment, the apostles left the crowd as Jesus had told them to, but they continued with their chores. Their minds were preoccupied with all the things they needed to do. Outside circumstances: the noise, the waves, and the wind led them to panic. That’s what happens in life. When internally your head never stops and your heart is somewhere else, the blows of life may lead you to feel unsteady and afraid. You are so busy thinking about your problems that you don’t even recognize Jesus; you see him as a ghost. You can’t stand firm; everything knocks you over and that leads to anxiety , crisis and fear.

3) Come. First you will have to recognize where God is in your life. So, take time with God, and go back to Him. He’s calling you every Sunday, every day, in every Eucharist, in every Sacrament, in confession… so don’t be afraid and don’t hesitate. Go back to God. He asks you to have faith… to trust in Him. You’re going to get through all of this. He’s going to help you; He is going to embrace you; but you have to walk out onto the water and trust. Have faith, it is Jesus who is on the other side. Don’t look at what scares you, like Peter who looked at the water, instead look at what gives you hope and reassurance: Jesus.

God bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Don’t forget Heaven is our goal!

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