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10 minutes with Jesus. Today: Wolves

by 10 Minutes with Jesus

10 minutes wih Jesus are group of Catholic priests who share friendship with Jesus, plus keenness to help young people of all ages to learn the art of loving Jesus and speaking to Him. You can find them in WhatsApp, Spotify, Ivoox, Telegram, Goggle Podcasts and Apple Podcast. Every saturday, we are going to share one meditation by 10 minutes with Jesus. Enjoy it.

My Lord and my God, I firmly believe that you are here, that you see me, that you hear me, I adore you with profound reverence. I ask your pardon for my sins, and the grace to make this time of Prayer fruitful; my Immaculate Mother, St. Joseph, my father and Lord, my guardian angel intercede for me.

Some pictures

The other day I was watching, looking at some pictures, from my family, old pictures, some of them look like vintage, and it is so funny to see yourself, siblings, people that you know, 20 years, 30 years earlier, in a, you know, suit, and in a dress, that is now old-fashioned, or just having fun around the table for birthday, or whatever, and to see their faces, and it is really beautiful to see history in your own family or friends.  

When I contemplate the church, the history of the church, Jesus, my Lord, is the same as my family, and in my family I have all sorts of people in the church, I have all sorts of people, all sorts of saints, and the variety gives me a touch of your immensity, of your beautiful family that you are building in history my Lord, so thank you for the variety of saints.

And I came across, a saint that I didn’t know, but I found a quote by him that is really powerful, his name is Saint Luigi Orione, and he was a very apostolic, very friendly guy, and one of his favorite prayers, or a quote that he will repeat was, “Lord set me down at the gates of hell, so that by your mercy, I may keep them shot against all comers.” 

To hell

And I thought, well at the beginning, when I read the quote, I thought, well this is really daring, it’s not the first prayer that you think about, “Jesus sent me to hell” but what he says is, “Lord send me down at the gates of hell, because I want to be just outside there, right there, precisely to keep them shut to stop people from going there,” and today in the Gospel you are saying something similar Jesus, you are saying when your brother sins, you need to pray. 

Of course you need to correct him, but not because he is annoying you, but because you love him, you need to win your brother, and every single person, every single human being is my brother or my sister.  So today my Lord, I want to ask you, help me to meet people and to help them, in order to help, I need to meet first, and when I meet someone, I want to meet them where they are, and not where they should be, right?

Your life

It is what you did in the gospel, in your life.  I can see you meeting people in a very bad situation, they were sick, they were sinners, some of them possessed, divorced, you met a woman with six divorces upon her shoulders, and you met her, and then you just talked to her, and you converted her through your warm approach, through your listening, through your dialogue, and through your prayer.  And I want to do the same, my Lord I am not perfect, I have my sins, and I want to help people to meet you through me, I want to be your instrument, I am so happy.

One single soul

If can help you, if I can save just one soul, just one, from the eternal damnation of hell, I will be so happy, my life would make sense, just saving one single soul from eternity in hell, and bringing them to heaven as many as possible, all my friends, or my family, everybody that I know, and people that I don’t know; I want to bring them closer to you today. 

I just finished a book by Pope Francis, and the name of the book is about the mercy of God, it is “The Name of God is Mercy.” And in that book, as usual, Pope Francis is very insightful, and he shares with us one of the stories that he went through when he was a priest, a young priest in Argentina, apparently he was in a parish that was located nearby a poor part of the city, shantytown, and all sorts of people would go there to receive alms, to receive help, materially, spiritually speaking. 

A woman

And there was a woman that was known as a prostitute publicly, and apparently one day she came to to the parish, and she wanted to talk to him, she asked permission to talk to him, and the Pope met her and said, “What do you need? How can I help you?” And then she said, “No, I don’t need anything today, but I came to tell you, that I am very grateful to you,”  and the pope thought that she was talking about some food, or some money, or something that she received from the parish, and he said “Yeah for sure, whatever you need.” 

And she said, “No, but I want to talk to you, because I want to change my life, and you are part of my change, you helped me to change my life because from the very beginning, you call me ‘Señora,’ -Miss in English right?- and that little word, made me different and made me believe in myself, it gave me hope from the very beginning, you knew that I was a public kind of a woman of sin, but you called me ‘Señora’ and it was the beginning of my change.”

That is beautiful, my Lord, if just with my words, with my presence, with the way I look, and of course through my prayer, if just with those little things, I can bring people closer to you, I will be so happy at the end of my life.  Looking backwards to everything that happened to me, and seeing your grace working through me, what a beautiful dream, thank you my lord for calling me to be an instrument. 


In fact I am not doing anything extraordinary when I forgive, or I want to pray for a sinner, because I am a sinner too, I go to confession every week, I am forgiven, and that makes me a specialist in giving forgiveness to others; so I learn from you, and I experience in myself what I should give to others. 

So that’s pretty simple, and maybe, I need to remember, or  just to recall to my mind, my memory, more often that I am forgiven all the time by you, and that fact, that little memory, will make me very approachable to other people’s defects or limitations, even sins, because at the end they are not offending me, they are they are destroying themselves, or they are offending you, and in any case I want to be a doctor, I want to bring the oil of forgiveness, the oil of understanding, and the oil of hope for their wounds, I want to be a doctor Jesus, like you, in the Gospel.

This movie

Some time ago, I watched this movie, the name of the movie is “The Accountant,” and it’s a little violent movie to be honest, but it’s about a guy that is autistic, a little bit autistic, but at the same time he’s very good with numbers, and also he’s a killer, but in the bottom of his heart he has some feelings, and he’s a good guy, or at least there is some hope for conversion. 

Anyway, in the movie they make a flashback about his training before being a killer, and his master, or his coach, tells him when he’s younger, he says, “Inside you there are two wolves,” I think it’s a very common story in the U.S, at least is known as the Cherokee two wolves story, and apparently he says, “You have two wolves, when you are born, inside your heart one wolf is wild, it’s a beast, and the other one can be your friend, and they are both inside you,” and the kid in the movie says, “Okay, and who wins in that battle that I have, between those two wolves in my heart?”


And the master with music, and with a very soft voice and kind of a transcendental voice says, “Depends on which one of them you feed, the one that you feed more, will grow and kill the other one, it is up to you.”  And I was thinking, that’s so true in my character Jesus, I don’t know if there are two wolves, but there is a battle in my heart, and it is a battle not only about myself.

it is a battle about how is my understanding of the world Jesus, that’s the battle, how I see myself and I see others, and there is a tension between being understandable, or being cynical; being warm meeting people, or fleeing and being isolated; holding grudges, or holding good thoughts about others inside my heart; and I want to feed those thoughts, I want to feed the presence of the holy spirit.

I want to feed forgiveness in my heart; in other words I want to see the world and others with your eyes, and to love them with your heart; wherever they might be, I want to love them as you love me, and you love me, and you will love me forever. 


I want to end this time of prayer Jesus, talking to your mother, the blessed Virgin Mary, I am sure that in many of the conversions of the Gospel, especially the ones regarding women, you were present, you helped them to put aside their fears and to encounter Jesus; maybe after lunch, after dinner you brought people to Jesus; when Jesus, when your son was in a get-together, was resting, you would bring people to him personally, and introduce them, and then all their fears would disappear, help me to do the same, I want to put all my friends, all the people that I know, that I know and people that I don’t know, under your mantle, and I want to bring them closer to your son.It´s the end

It´s the end

I thank you my God for the good resolution, affections, and inspirations that you have communicated to me in this meditation. I ask your help to put them into effect; my Immaculate Mother, Saint Joseph, my father and Lord, my guardian angel intercede for me.

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