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I can’t tell you how is Medjugorje, you have to live this experience

by Horacio Espinosa
Imagen de Maria tal como la ven los videntes2

Our Lady the Helper was for me the only Virgin Mary advocation I venerate until I went to Medjugorje

Some time ago, two of our friends told us that we should go to Medjugorje. At that time travel on pilgrimage was not a priority for us then without telling them that we did not directly pass on their invitations. But they always told us: Maria is going to take them, and the conversation led to another topic.

Time passed and Maria was getting into our lives, more and more, and again comes the invitation of these two friends (two of our Angels on earth) but that particular year the economy was not going very well, then even if you win We had, sincerely, we could not make the trip, again their response was directed to Andrea: You pray asking Mary, and she will take you.

But the truth, in my earthly head, it was hard to think of how Maria would pay the air, it seemed impossible.

It did not take more than a couple of days and I see in the bank account, money that I should not have. When I checked who had made the bank deposit, I realized that it corresponded to a job that I had not been able to collect for more than two years and that I had already given up for lost.

Do you want to know what the amount of that debt was? – I think you’ll already be guessing, it was exactly the amount of the two air tickets, which made it impossible for us to say no to Maria.

Now, my little religiosity prevented me from seeing that Maria was one, no matter how she was known, Maria is Maria. For this reason it was that we started the trip, but deep down, it was more a gift for Andrea than my own conviction, since Maria was Maria Auxiliadora for me and the rest was not the same.

Before coming to Medjugorje with each person who spoke on the subject told me the same thing. We can not tell you what Medjugorje is like, to which I thought … Why can not they? What is special about it?

Finally we reached the town, and little by little I understood that answer they gave me.

It really is a place that does not have much attraction from the tourist point of view, however, pilgrims from all over the world arrive in unexpected quantities, if we add that we have seen taxi drivers praying the Rosary while waiting for a passenger or an employee from a place without buyers who dedicate their time to their daily Rosary, then the answer began to make sense. Medjugorje can not be explained with words.

I am writing these lines, remembering what I experienced and I am moved by this fact alone.

In particular, many things happened to me, but I will comment only some of them as a testimony.

As I told you before, my Faith increased in recent times, it was quite scarce at the time of the trip (I do not say that now is enough, on the contrary, but before it was even less). Then in my mind I was always reasoning everything, if something my mind did not understand it cost me.

My experience in the so-called image “Resurrected Jesus”

Near the main church of the town there is an image called “Resurrected Jesus”. The same fluid exudes from a knee, and it is common to see people who want to touch that liquid. As expected we went to the place. For my rational mind, this was impossible.

Step that while we were in line, waiting for our turn, came a disabled man who of course happened before anyone else. Until that moment I was looking fixedly at the knee and noticed that it actually exuded liquid, but very little.

Returning to the gentleman in a wheelchair, when he was able to climb to touch the knee, it began to exude a lot of liquid, in a way that had not seen until then. This was my first surprise, but it did not convince me yet.

Then I passed a man who was in front of Andrea and I saw that the knee was dry, this caught my attention, so I asked the Lord the following: “If this thing I’m seeing is yours, that the knee that was dry now, when it’s up to Andrea to get a lot of liquid, and when it’s my turn, it’s dry again “

Then it’s Andrea’s turn and the knee looked like a liquid spring, which made it very unlikely that it would be dry on my shift, but it did.

This left me speechless, and clearly I did not tell anyone, thinking they were going to treat me as crazy, but I was not going to be left with that doubt that had happened.

Then a few days later I asked Andrea to repeat “the experience of the Risen Jesus”. This time while we were waiting for our turn, I again dared to “challenge” the Lord, so my request this time changed to the following:

“If indeed this is yours, now that Andrea’s turn is dry, but not mine”

I think you can imagine what happened, Andrea did not really touch the liquid and in my turn it emanated a lot.

The second experience that I wanted to share with you near Medjugorje in a town called Mostar

As the last day of the pilgrimage, we are invited to take a tourist walk to a mostly Muslim village very close to Medjugorje. When we approach the history part of the place, they tell us that since the historic part is pedestrian, the bus will leave us and wait in the only Catholic Church in the city, it is a Franciscan church with a large parking lot.

When arriving the church was closed, therefore we could not know it, then we went to the tourist site (quite interesting in itself).

Now, remember that at the beginning of this story I tell you that for my Maria it was only Mary Help of Christians.

So, let’s think about the situation, mostly Muslim people, the only Franciscan Catholic church.

At the end of our tour, we went in search of the bus that was waiting for us in the parking lot of the church. Upon arrival it was open, but we had almost no time, we could only enter almost running to visit it. There were two entrance doors and I chose one of the two, as I passed the threshold I found an image of Maria Auxiliadora almost two meters high !!!

This can be read in many ways, but for me there is only one. In this context, Mary Help of Christians did not make much sense, remember that this invocation was popularized by Don Bosco and his Salesians. So what is the interpretation? Maria wanted to show me and show me that I was wrong, that She is one, no matter how I look. It was a personal and unique gift, even when writing these lines I still get excited.

As I said, I could tell many experiences of Medjugorje, but I prefer to limit myself to these two and tell them about what I experienced during the apparition.

Prayer of the Rosary in the Cerro Azul with María

We went quite early to the Cerro de la Cruz Azul or Cerro de la Apariciones, we settled where we could and joined the recitation of the Rosary that had already begun. A special section to the fact of listening to pray the Rosary in many languages ​​at the same time, without speaking the language of the other person but nevertheless understanding each word.

In a moment the prayer stops, it was when the visionary Mirjana arrived, she continues with the prayer until suddenly there is a big silence. From where he was, he did not see Mirjana but according to others who were closer, they saw how his face transformed, showing more smiling. In that moment of deep silence was very noticeable as nothing was heard in the village, it seemed that the world had stopped, a few minutes before a dog barked incessantly, but at that moment it did not, there was no sound, only Maria gave a message to Mirjana that she would later transcribe with the help of a server.

I could not tell if the appearance lasted seconds or hours, really time stops, it does not matter, just think that Maria was in the same place where we were taking our breath away from happiness.

I want to leave you here, with your ear open to listen to Maria’s call.

I end by saying the same thing that they told me and that I did not understand before the trip:

I can not tell you how is Medjugorje, try to live it.

Traveler’s tips:

  • Medjugorje is a unique place full of experiences, full of Mother’s love.
  • If they travel they should at least be 4 days, there are several things to know, many stories to listen to.
  • There is daily Adoration, come early, a lot of people go
  • The days of the apparitions in the hill of the Blue Cross goes a lot of people. There are even people who go at 4:00 AM or spend the night. My experience is that Maria is there, although one is near or far will feel the presence of the Gospa. The night in the town is usually cold, my advice is to go early but not so much.
  • Near the Sanctuary there is a little crowded place, it is a church, but it looks almost like a warehouse from the outside. In this place the image of Maria is painted more similar to the description of the seers.
  • The Queen of Peace has more than one image. One is in the courtyard of the Sanctuary but the other is a few kilometers from Medjugorje in a town called Tihaljina.

 Do not go looking for an extraordinary sign (the sun that dances, etc.). Medjugorje is an extraordinary place in it

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