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Do you need to save your marriage?, pray these prayers!

by Lorena Bais
Matrimonio rezando junto

If someone told you that there is something you can do that can ensure that your marriage will last your whole life and that it will only take you five minutes a day, would you do it?  Well, pray together, every day, that’s all!

Marriage is not about a couple, but a Trinity, the Third Person is God and we have to allow Him to be an integral part of it so that it is healthy.

Therefore, I will share two very nice prayers, which will help you to restore marriages in an incredible way.  Just encourage yourself to trust in God and his Word.

First option: “May that love that You bless sprout again …”

Jesus, here we are, both of us in front of you, like that day when we received the sacrament of marriage.  Like that day when you blessed our love.  But now, Jesus, we are torn down, dry, away from you, without the water of your love. And now our love has dried up…

Pour your Holy Spirit on us, to clean us, wash us, restore us and renew us, so that the love that you blessed may sprout again.

Jesus, cut and release all ties of both to sin, remove all spirit of infidelity, go through our family, our home, bless our children, bless our lives.  Allow, Lord, that I be what my husband longs for, and that he / she is what I crave.

Lord, restore that strong sacrament for which we are united.  Heal, Jesus.

Jesus, may the Holy Family move to my home, so that we may know how to raise our children, in the style of Mary and Joseph, and so that our children may be like you.  Send us your holy angels, the archangels Saint Raphael, Saint Gabriel and Saint Michael, to protect us.

Pour out your precious blood on this marriage, on  home, on the family, and Mother Mary, cover us with your cloak.  Amen.

Second option: “So what God has united, that does not separate him in man”.  (Mark 10,9-10)

Dear  Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thank you for the profound gift of the sacrament of marriage.  Thank you for the magnificent gift that is my husband/wife, to whom You, Perfect Providence, planned for me from all eternity.

Let it always treat it as royalty, with all the honor, respect and dignity it deserves.

Help me, my Lord, to be disinterested in my marriage, to give everything for my husband/wife, to hide anything, without expecting anything in return, recognizing and thanking him for everything he/she  does for me and our family  days: It’s a lot!

Please, strengthen and protect our marriage, as well as all others.  Help us to pray together every day.  Let us trust in You every day, in the way you deserve.

Please, make our marriage fruitful and open to Your will in the privilege of procreation and care of life.  Help us to build a strong, safe, loving family, full of faith, a domestic Church.

Dear Blessed Virgin Mary, we entrust to you our marriage, protect our family always under your cloak.

We have full confidence in You, Lord Jesus, because you are always with us, and you are constantly looking for the best for us, bringing everything good, even the crosses you have allowed in our lives.

Dear (name of husband/wife): You and I are one.  I promise you that I will always love you and be faithful to you, I will never abandon you, I would give my life for you.  With God and with you in my life I have everything.

Thank you Jesus, you are the great servant.  We love you.  Amen

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Paula March 21, 2019 - 10:22 am

Que difícil es cuando tu pareja no quiere ni sentarse a dialogar menos a rezar, así y todo me acompaña a misa hace dos años escucha el evangelio pero la situación económica que estamos atravesando lo ciega y se olvida de que con Dios todo es posible. Rezo todos los días por su conversión. Hermosa oración. Gracias.


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