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“The 2019 Panama WYD has been the most wonderful experience we have ever lived as a band”

by Carlos L. Rodriguez Zía

This is what Charles González, drummer  and leader of EPIC The Band thinks and feels. This band has been playing for three years and the album Creation is their latest hit in their mission or musical career.

Mission. That is the key to understand the music and the artistic position of EPIC The Band, a group of Christian music that started playing three years ago with the goal not only of cultivating and developing the musical talent of each of its members, but also of serving God by spreading the good news of a resurrected Jesus Christ, with all that means. We talked to one of its founders, Charles González, about why they climb onto a stage for more than interpreting their music and making the audience enjoy a good spectacle. Ladies and gentlemen, with you… EPIC the band.

When was EPIC The Band born?

The band starts its mission of evangelization through music in 2016. After going to a concert of christian music, the founders of the Band, I, Charles González, and Daniel Rodríguez, talked about how interesting it would be to start a band with the goal of offering spiritual messages with a Christian twist and of being able to give today’s youth a positive message.

Who makes up the group?

The band is made up of five founding members: Jessica Justo: singer; Ricardo González: singer and classic guitar; Iván Castro: electric guitar; Daniel Rodríguez: piano and producer of the band; and me, Charles González: drums, percussion and leader of the band.

What is your music style?

Our style of music is a combination of the sounds of the 80s and the contemporary ones.

What were your first steps like?

Our first steps were of great discernment. With a spiritual approach, aimed at  today’s youth who is in great need of  evangelization. The band focused on writing songs wih a positive message which resonates with the situations young people face in their lives nowadays. Also,we focused on  thanking the Creator for all the kindnesses and blessings He gives us every day. With this approach, the band from its start has given support to various ministries of young people in retreats, festivals or events pro-life which allow us to glorify our Lord.

What does EPIC mean?

It means Eternal Power in Christ.

Climb onto stage to sing the Good News: Christ is alive.

What goal does the band pursue with their music?

The main goal is to attract young people back to the church. We want that through music and its message, they find we cannot live in this society without a goal. As christians, we are called to be saints and to evangelize those who need Christ’s support and love. We hope our music reaches the hearts of the weak and the helpless.

How did it impact you, what provoked in each of you and in the band the encounter with Jesus Christ?

Each member of the band has their own testimony. How Jesus Christ has impacted each of us is unique. However, the impact  and the result of this group of young people is to preach through music.

The new album of EPIC, The band

What can you tell us about “Creation”, your new album?

– Creation meant twelve months of development, of work. After many prayers and discernment, the band reached the conclusion that we, as beings created by our Lord, have not been sufficiently committed to thank our Creator. Therefore, our vision of this project was that mankind, through love letters to the Creator, should thank Him for all the blessings He gives us.

What are the musical influences of the band??

– For the band in the Christian environment, our influences have been and are artists like Mata Maher, Hillsong, Bethel, Chris Tomlin and Jesus Culture.

And outside christian music, which artists do you respect?

-Several artists come to my mind. Artists such as Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Queen and Steve Vai, among others, were artists who challenged the concept of their genre. Finding artists like them shows how music continues to evolve.

 When writing the lyrics of your songs, do you think of people who do not speak or do not know English?

-EPIC The Band has songs in Spanish and we are venturing into Portuguese, given the increase of our followers in Brazil. As I said before, our songs deal with personal topics with messages of love and joy. The positive messages we show are based on the love and joy we have. Because we have God at the center of our hearts. Young non-believers associate this because the problems facing youth today have no discrepancy, both young believers and non-believers face many challenges and social depressions.

For those who do not know anything about the world of christian music, make a list of three or five fundamental names to start venturing into nombres fundamentales para empezar a incursionar en el.

– The name is not the main thing. Because to get into christian music, a seed should be growing in the heart of the person who seeks it. For those who want to venture into christian music, they should have an open mind, since music is often the result of faith, love and search for something that is missing. We must bear in mind that artists describe their feelings in a very peculiar way. The important thing is that the final goal is the same; praise our Lord. For those who do not have a religious background,  say yes when they are invited to a concert of christian music, they should go without expectations, only with an open heart and mind.

Are you interested in leaving the christian music circuit?

– As EPIC The Band, no.

Do you think of other audiences, let’s say “non-believers” when composing your music so as to make it more attractive?

– As christians, we are all called to evangelize. That’s why our music and its style are addressed to all the audiences who want to listen to us. The lyrics and the message  are ways to offer a positive alternative to the lifestyle we lead.

Tell us about your participation in the WYD Panama 2019

-The WYD has been the most wonderful experience we have ever lived as a band. The human warmth, the thirst to seek God and the sea of ​​youth that gathered in Panama give us the reward that our work is just beginning. Being able to share the stage with Pope Francis is a blessing that God and  Virgin Mary have given us. What can I tell you? It was three days of not sleeping, working from morning to night, and best of all, praising our Lord. However, it also meant a lot of previous work, seeking funds to participate and the endless nights of practice to give the best of ourselves to the people of Christ.

What are the next steps, dreams, of EPIC The Band?

 -First and foremost  keep working on more songs for the world, have the opportunity to take our music everywhere and try to attract the youth to the church. We have many projects for 2019 and 2020 that are already on their way. With the focus on youth, our main dream is to organize christian musical festivals of praise to attract our youth and all kinds of audiences with a universal message of brotherhood and love for our Lord.

For more information and contacting the band you can visit their web page EPIC The Band

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