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A little pinch of salt

by Fr. Rick Martignetti

Hey father Rick here at Ave Maria University about to have my breakfast, but before I do, I just can add a little pinch of salt to the eggs just to make them a little better.

This is a ridiculously huge container of salt righ,t but no one adds this much salt to their food but you do add a little pinch each time and it makes the food a little better, and in today’s Gospel Jesus invites his disciples to think of themselves as the salt of the earth.

It’s an interesting image we’re not supposed to go out into the world and be the main course. We don’t have to be the stake, we don’t have to be the lobster stuffed ravioli, we’re the salt. If we’re following Jesus, we’re like a pinch of salt that makes a meal better. Making the people around us a little better. What if we looked at it that way?. If we looked at it as Christians, we’re called to go into the world and just enhance the flavor of others to celebrate the goodness, that is all around us and make it a little better just by being the pinch of salt that were called to be in the same.

Gospel Jesus says be the light of the world. His disciples are the light of the world, the light shines on others, no one goes into a museum and says man this lighting is amazing, no they say the works of art, the paintings are beautiful, but the light makes it possible to see and that’s what the disciples of Jesus needs to be to shine their light on others to bring out the glory. That is within them to let others appreciate how beautiful Humanity is be the light of the world.

Be the salt of the earth may, God give you peace.

Be Salt of the Earth

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