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Get at the Roots

by Fr. Rick Martignetti

Hey father Rick here at Ave Maria University, and I know next to nothing about gardening but if you probably try to learn. Since I live in Florida and It’s always so beautiful out there, one thing I do believe to be true about gardening if you want to get rid of a weed, you can’t just snip it off at the top, you got to dig in, you got to get its root, you’re gonna uproot the whole thing and totally get rid of it. You can’t just keep snipping it back, and I think that’s what Jesus is trying to get at in the spiritual life.

In today’s Gospel when he talks about something like killing, killing is a is the final stage of an evil that has begun with different roots, the roots of killing are anger when we hold on to grudges and hatred towards people, and we let it foster we let it grow, we let its roots dig in and then you know could possibly lead to something as horrible as homicide, and the same with adultery. He says It’s not just enough to be attentive to do adultery but to the lustful glances what we look at what we listen to, you know these things tend to take root and then possibly lead us down that path of adultery, there’s a very simple adage that I think is true, It goes like this: “if you feed something, it grows, if you starve it, it dies”, It’s true with anything, even with lust or anger, the more we feed these things the more they take a life of their own and have the potential to control us, and lead us down. A path we’d rather not go down, so Jesus is inviting us this day to uproot these vices before they have a chance to take root and take control of us, maybe listen to him and receive his gifts.

My God give you peace.

“If you feed something, it grows, if you starve it, it dies”

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