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Palm Sunday from Avemaria

by Fr. Rick Martignetti

We can be the part of the body of Christ making reparation for sin

Transcript of Fr. Rick Video: Two minutes homilies: Palm Sunday

Hey!! Father Rick here at Ave Maria University, and I am living in one of the palm tree capitals of the world, so it is good to be here on Palm Sunday; I can celebrate, I can wave my palms like they did in Jerusalem so long ago when Jesus entered, and they laid down palms on the ground as a sign of reverence. They waved them as a sign of greeting Jesus the King had come into Jerusalem… and of course a few short days later that same crowd was calling for his death. Jesus Christ, we are entering into Holy Week now brothers and sisters, this is a time to be with him in his passion, to think about it and meditate on it. You know in this time that we are in right now, this pandemic that has hit our world; we are social distancing to try to stay apart from one another, but maybe this illness is bringing us together like never before, because never in our lifetime has the whole world suffered from something like we are suffering right now, from this pandemic. My brother across the world hurts because of this illness just like I do. It is an amazing time we get to see right now that we are one body with Christ as our head, we are all united if the smallest part of the body is hurting the whole body is hurting.

Also in that regard, we can be the part of the body that makes reparation, we can pray especially this week in forgiveness for our own sins and for the sins of the world, for the sins that the body of Christ is committing. We can ask the Lord to forgive them and to heal us, and we can lead the charge for a healing from this pandemic. The Lord doesn’t cause illnesses like this, he can certainly work through it, somehow humanity and our disobedience bring
about these tragic moments, but the Lord can work through it. Let us be that part of the body that prays and leads others into the Kingdom of Heaven.

May God give you peace

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