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Bethany, Lazarus’ town

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ATS pro Terra Sancta mission: “To foster bonds between the Holy Land and the world”

ATS pro Terra Sancta is a non-profit organization that carries out projects to preserve the Holy Placessupport local communities and bring aid in humanitarian emergencies.

One of this project is the Bethany Project

The aim of the Bethany project (a town in PalestinianTerritories) is to promote the Holy Site of Lazarus’ resurrection and to support the development of the local community which lives in a socially and financially deteriorated area.

We would like to improve the living conditions of the local population by providing opportunities for sustainable economic development, through a number of initiatives to enhance the Holy Site of Bethany, its history and its archeological and artistic heritage. This will primarily involve the local stakeholders like young men and women, universities and local cooperatives, who will benefit from formation and vocational training. The Pilgrims visiting Bethany will therefore get the opportunity to live a peculiar experience in one of the most important sites in and around Jerusalem.


Bethany, the place Jesus loved

Jesus had three close friends living in Bethany: Lazarus, and his two sisters Martha and Mary. Lazarus’ grave, the place where Jesus raised him from death, can still be seen today. It was preserved over the centuries thanks to the construction of several churches in the area. Nowadays Bethany suffers a situation of both social and cultural decay. Despite its great potential in being relatively close to Jerusalem, a wall separates the two cities. The number of Pilgrims visiting Bethany has dropped dramatically over the past decade.

Activities of the Bethany project

  • Training courses for youth and women focusing on sustainable tourism management.
  • Involving Palestinian University students and researchers to upgrade the site of high historical and archeological value.
  • Supporting local handicraft production and sale, primarily involving women and disabled people.
  • Arranging and promoting socio-cultural tours, in order to increase awareness of both pilgrims and local people on the cultural value of the town, enriched for centuries by the co-existence of different cultures.

Become a supporter of Bethany!

We are looking for donors to support and continue this unique project for its historical, social and cultural value.

By supporting our project in Bethany you will not only contribute in offering job opportunities to the weakest, youth and women, but you will also bind your name to a site of paramount importance for the Holy Land: the place of Lazarus’ resurrection and a place where Jesus could find the most friendly welcome and repose.


Your contribution help us to continue with our mission
God Bless You!


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