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Fishers of men

by Fr. Rick Martignetti

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Hey Father Rick here at Ave Maria University.

Jesus is walking along the Sea of Galilee and he sees a couple of brothers who are fishermen, he says come after me and I will make you accountants, no he didn’t say that, that can’t be right, he said come after me and I will make you plumbers, you’ll learn the ins and outs of working sinks and drains, it’ll be great, no he didn’t say that either, he said come after me and I will make you gameshow hosts, you’ll learn how to smile and make people happy and give them luxurious prizes, no, no, no, he didn’t say any of that.

He looked at these fishermen, he said come after me and I will make you fishers of men in other words, he didn’t radically change them from one way of life to another, he took everything that they were and just redirected it to the kingdom. He invited them to be fishers of men for the kingdom so everything they had learned by being fishermen they had to learn.

Perseverance and patience and waiting, they had to get up early in the morning and wait on the fish they had, to clean their nets, and do the follow-up. All these skills that they had learned as fishermen, he would now invite them to use, to gather souls into his kingdom. They’d still be getting up early in the morning but it wouldn’t be to throw nets over the side of their ship, it would be for prayer to draw on the strength of the Lord for the day, and that’s what he does right. Jesus meets us where we’re at, and invites us to use our gifts for his kingdom, like St. Paul, we celebrated his conversion yesterday, when he was Saul, he was a zealous extreme man, willing to even kill people over the Articles of the faith, and the law.

Jesus takes that same extreme passionate nature. He doesn’t squelch it, but he redirects it for the kingdom, so then how Paul will be passionate about the gospel and not ready to kill for the law but ready to die for Jesus Christ. What are your gifts?, what are the gifts that the Lord has given us? Are we using them for the kingdom?. Using our gift of leadership or our sense of humor, or even our sense of business, or whatever it is?. The Lord wants us to use everything to gather souls into his kingdom, a kingdom that will be filled with accountants and plumbers and even gameshow hosts, who have learned to use their talents for the kingdom of God.

May God give you peace

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