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Mark 1,40-45.

by Fr. Luis A. Zazano

Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Mark 1,40-45.

A leper came to him and kneeling down begged him and said, “If you wish, you can make me clean.”
Moved with pity, he stretched out his hand, touched him, and said to him, “I do will it. Be made clean.”
The leprosy left him immediately, and he was made clean.
Then, warning him sternly, he dismissed him at once.
Then he said to him, “See that you tell no one anything, but go, show yourself to the priest and offer for your cleansing what Moses prescribed; that will be proof for them.”
The man went away and began to publicize the whole matter. He spread the report abroad so that it was impossible for Jesus to enter a town openly. He remained outside in deserted places, and people kept coming to him from everywhere.

The figure of the leper implies

  1. Wounds: it is a person with a lot of wounds, and they bleed. It is the person that has life wounds and is constantly talking of his pains, deceptions and resentments. It is the person that talks from his wounds, that does not enjoy life and lives always in the past.
  2. Smell: the person becomes someone that repels people rather than attract people, and many prefer to keep their distance. The person becomes neglectful of all aspects including self-appearance and his human side.
  3. Isolation: the person is the one that withdraws from everything and everyone, because he feels worthless and people make him feel worthless. He looks at life from an awful viewpoint from disgrace and misfortune. He cannot find himself or anyone. Jesus comes to heal you, but God asks first that you want to heal and ask Him for the healing. Be careful with the leper syndrome because we could all have it. The beautiful thing is that there is a way out and the healing can come from Jesus.

May God bless you and the name of the Father and of the son and of the holy spirit

Always remember heaven is our goal

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