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Jesus takes away our fear of death

by Fr. Rick Martignetti
Betania, casa de Lázaro

So, what can we do? Maybe, pray and be ready when Jesus comes to us. Father Rick speaks about that.

Hey father Rick here at Ave Maria University. At the time of Jesus people of Israel were ruled by fear. The Romans occupied the land and if you disobeyed their commands you could be killed.  The Pharisees and the scribes laid down the law and if you disobeyed their laws you could be stoned to death. It was fear of death that controlled the people of Israel until Jesus came on scene. One by one Jesus begins to take away the people’s fears even their fear of death  by showing that he has power over life and death. He had risen the widow’s son, brought him back from the dead,  Jairus his daughter and now Lazarus. Lazarus was a public figure. A lot of people knew him he seems to have had wealth and popularity and Jesus, after he’s dead for days brings him back from the tomb. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind this man, dead for days,  comes back from the tomb to show that the Christ has power over life and death. So, naturally, the scribes and Pharisees now not only have to kill Jesus they have to get rid of Lazarus – They started plotting because Lazarus just walking around is proof that Jesus has taken away fear of death and brothers and sisters that’s exactly what we need right now at this time of the pandemic that our world is going through we’re all thinking about death at one point or another and you know what it’s not a bad thing to think about or meditate on but without fear just what a prayer that we are ready when it comes because Jesus Christ has come to take away our fear of death he took the cross upon his back he took our sins to the cross and he freed us from them so that the gates of heaven are open to all of us may we simply be ready pray for the grace to be ready when our day comes that we can enter fully into the kingdom of God may God give you peace.

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