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John 17,1-11a

by Fr. Luis A. Zazano
John 17,1-11a

Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint John 17,1-11a

Jesus raised his eyes to heaven and said, “Father, the hour has come. Give glory to your son, so that your son may glorify you,
just as you gave him authority over all people, so that he may give eternal life to all you gave him.
Now this is eternal life, that they should know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ.
I glorified you on earth by accomplishing the work that you gave me to do.
Now glorify me, Father, with you, with the glory that I had with you before the world began.
I revealed your name to those whom you gave me out of the world. They belonged to you, and you gave them to me, and they have kept your word.
Now they know that everything you gave me is from you,
because the words you gave to me I have given to them, and they accepted them and truly understood that I came from you, and they have believed that you sent me.
I pray for them. I do not pray for the world but for the ones you have given me, because they are yours,
and everything of mine is yours and everything of yours is mine, and I have been glorified in them.
And now I will no longer be in the world, but they are in the world, while I am coming to you. Holy Father, keep them in your name that you have given me, so that they may be one just as we are.”

Loved by the Father

1) He raised his head and saw: Today, God invites you to set your sight on the heavens. Look above, entrust yourself to God and leave your worries to Him. If you feel like you have fallen, look to heaven for help. Don´t be afraid, look to the heavens, entrust yourself to God since we must remember, we are small in the vastness of the universe. But you must trust God is always with us.

2) Eternal life: God reminds us that we have a calling. You must have a purpose for living life and make it meaningful. It is a constant fight to remind you heaven is our goal. Do not forget that you have a greater calling.

3) The world: this world consumes you and makes you forget the greatness in your heart and the inheritance God has bestowed upon us. Use your head not only for counting, paying bills or doing projects. Remember you are in this world, and your time is limited, let it not consume you and rather make the most of it.
May God bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
Always remember heaven is our goal.

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