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Baptism of Jesus

by Fr. Rick Martignetti

Why would someone sinless like Jesus Christ need baptism? Father Rick talk us about that.

Hello. I´m father Rick here at Ave Maria University, struggling a little bit with this video, because I wanted to give you something really cool and beautiful. In the background this fountain, but you can’t really see it unless I step out of the frame and they could see it a little better. But when I come back in it gets blurry. So, anyway, I tried to give you something lovely from Florida. This day, anyway, with the rest of this minute and a half I want to talk about the baptism of our Lord. Our church fathers asked you know: why would someone sinless like Jesus Christ need baptism? And one of the reasons they came up with is that he makes the waters holy in his baptism, it’s instead of the water making him holy he sanctifies and purifies all water by his baptism which is really interesting. Isaiah 55 uses an analogy that water is like the Word of God it comes down from the heavens and it makes the earth fruitful. It nourishes us and then it goes back up to the heavens and so we could imagine that Jesus actually stepped into the same water that we drink and bathe in today. The same water that has come down and nourish the earth and then gone back up through evaporation and been in the heavens and come back down again the same cycle.  Jesus made all water wholly by stepping into it at his baptism just as he made all humanity holy by taking on human flesh. So, he does so with water saint Francis of Assis reflects on water in a beautiful poem he wrote, the canticle, the creatures. And he said water is precious and useful and humble and chaste and we should be like water of course precious and useful we understand. But water is as humble because it always trickles down to the lowest places as we should. And it’s chaste because it’s transparent. You can see through it is what it is. No artificial colors or flavors with water it just is what it is and it’s doing its job to wake us up reinvigorate us and bring life here. So we could be with the Lord people that wake others up to the yup God.  God give you peace.

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