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Pandemic, desert and time of grace

by Editor mdc

We praise and bless the Lord, because we are living a time of grace

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, we have the opportunity to truly experience the desert: retreat, solitude, silence, a true Lenten season.

In many countries staying at home is an imposed penance. However, before the eyes of God every penance has to be accompanied by prayer and charity. The time has come – even if we didn’t plan it – to accept this penance; and we find ourselves praying as never before and feeling called to be supportive.

Pope Francis reminded us that “Christians are joyful”.  Since “we are of the world, without being of the world”. We, believers, have Christ and therefore we have hope. Jesus himself taught us that those who suffer, the poor and the sorrowful are the Father’s favorite children. This desert that exceeds us, that tests us, that only seems to be dark and sad, is in reality an opportunity to encounter with God. May the current circumstances be a time for reflection and transformation of the heart!

Historically, the greatest saints have emerged from the worst crises. This does not mean that we should wait and see who will be beatified in our time. But rather that each of us are invited to sanctify ourselves in the midst of pain. We must have hope and act with faith.

In light of the temptation to victimize ourselves for not being able to attend mass and receive Holy Communion, it is good to think about the biblical passage of the temptation of Jesus in the desert. Christ’s words in this extreme situation were: “Man shall not live on bread alone”. We have Spiritual Communion.

If we obay each country’s orders to prevent or confront the Covid-19, somehow we are responding with obedience and charity, in imitation of Saint Joseph – who intercedes for the entire world while we pray his Novena.

What a fast we are sharing with our brothers and sisters from different nations. Differences of all kinds are being relegated before the urgency of fighting this pandemic. It seems that we are traveling a long Way to the Cross and walking a long Paschal Triduum. But pause for a moment to consider – during the real ones, suffered by Christ, the outcome was unknown. Today we do know it! We know that in the tabernacles, the Heart that gives us life is still alive, that we are not alone. Jesus is present in the mystery of the Eucharist, as well as in every face from East to West.

Let us thank God for this time of grace. Let’s not be afraid! Let’s be joyful! Jesus Christ is risen! He promised us “I will always be with you until the end of the world.”
Let us pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary for the sick and their loved ones, for all the health workers, for the authorities who must make decisions. May our Mother also intercede for us, so that we are responsible and prudent and, above all, so that our faith may increase.

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