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Christ the King

by Fr. Rick Martignetti
Christ the King

Fr. Rick talked about Christ the King Sunday from Avemaria University. Christ the King, shows himself more concerned about others than himself

Transcription of Fr. Rick’ s video

Hey Father Rick here at Ave Maria University and I was tempted to do this video with a little Kanye West playing in the background because it is Christ the King Sunday, and he just came out with an album Jesus is king but I’m not going do that instead, I’m going to talk about Jesus on the cross because our King goes to the cross in a way that no one expected, no one saw coming Jesus Christ the king who came into the world to serve, to suffer and to take our burdens upon his back, our sins and take him to the cross in order that we might be freed of them and even from the cross, our King shows himself more concerned about others than himself, even as the blood is being torn out of his body and he said his last moments of life, he’s still more concerned with others than himself. 

We have here a depiction of Mary in the Beloved Disciple John at the foot of the cross, that he gave one to the other mother behold your son son, behold Your Mother, even from the cross he’s more concerned about his mother and his best friend which might be something we could expect but beyond that, he’s also concerned with the Romans that are killing than him. He’s praying to the Father forgive them because they know not what they do. He’s more concerned about his executioner’s than himself and the Good Thief next to him who reaches out to him, and he promises in paradise this very day you will be with me in paradise. 

Our Lord leaves the world the way he came in it, humbly serving carrying much more about others than himself and opening the gates of paradise so that all could be with him. 

Let’s proclaim that this is the kind of King we have, Jesus Christ is king Christ, the king proclaim it and be not afraid. May God give you peace!. 

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